Interest Rate Conversions

Unlike other lenders, Farm Credit Southeast Missouri makes it easy for you to take advantage of lower interest rates without cumbersome paperwork, time, and cost!* Whether your current loan is on a variable rate and you are looking to lock in a low rate for a longer time period or you have a higher fixed or adjustable rate loan from a prior year, you can convert your current Farm Credit Southeast Missouri loan to a lower rate / longer term product with just a signature!

When you have a loan with Farm Credit Southeast Missouri you have the opportunity to change your pricing terms anytime during the life of your loan.* It could not be easier to save money and/or increase your security against rising interest rates. One signature... that's all it takes!

An interest rate conversion is not a refinancing. There is no need to re-qualify for a loan or pay any fees in most cases.* A conversion is an amendment to your loan agreement authorizing a change in the pricing terms of your loan. For example, if you have a 3 year adjustable rate loan and you see rates drop; you may be able to convert to a 15-year fixed product at a lower rate. Or, if you a variable rate loan, you can convert to a fixed rate at a later time with no extra cost to you.
Join the hundreds of area farmers who, together, will save over $1.7 million in interest fees the first year!

*NOTE: Conversion fees may apply on Farm Credit Southeast Missouri loans with adjustable or fixed rates which was either originated or repriced within the past 12 months.