Life Insurance

Term Life Products

"The unexpected." More often than not, that's how we define a death in the family. But it is, of course, inevitable. So while it may be unexpected, we still need to prepare for it as if it could happen at any time. That's why Farm Credit Southeast Missouri offers a variety of term life insurance products.

Not all families' needs are the same so a 'one size fits all' does not provide the best coverage in many cases. Some of our policies have a return of premium feature. This is especially attractive and affordable to someone who is young and in good health. With this option, 100% of the premiums are returned to the policy owner at the end of the term if no benefits have been paid.

Some policies have disability riders which help pay expenses while the insured is recovering from an accident or illness. In addition, many of our term policies can be converted to other plans. Most term policies are for a certain benefit amount for a certain length of time.

To discuss the term life insurance option that best fits you, contact your local Farm Credit Southeast Missouri office today.

Credit and Mortgage Life Products

Nobody likes to think about it, but it's important to consider the effect that death could have on the future of your home, your farm and your family. Credit life insurance is essentially coverage for your loan. A credit life or mortgage life insurance policy will pay off your loan at any given point, should the policy holder pass away.

Credit life insurance is the ideal way to ensure that your family won't be burdened with an unbearable debt in the face of an already difficult situation.

Contact your local Farm Credit Southeast Missouri office to discuss life insurance options to fit your needs.