Equipment Loans & Livestock / Cattle Loans

From a hundred head of cattle to a 6-row cotton picker to a 50,000 bushel grain bin, if it's essential to the success of your farm, you can get financing for it with Farm Credit Southeast Missouri. Our capital loan programs are individually prepared with your situation in mind, and they can be used on both new and used purchases. And we understand what it takes to get ahead as a farmer, so we offer appropriate repayment options.

Our Capital RLOC program provides a revolving line of credit for equipment, breeding livestock and other capital expenses. You may borrow and repay funds as often as you like for up to three years. You save time by not having to apply for each individual capital need.

If you've made an equipment purchase within the past year, there's a good chance you received a manufacturer's introductory interest rate as part of your incentive to buy. But when that initial grace period runs out, you're going to be paying for it in high interest. Contact Farm Credit before introductory financing terms expire and arrange for the transfer of your loan to a Farm Credit capital loan with a competitive interest rate.

We understand that farming decisions are business decisions, and the world isn't going to wait for you to secure financing. That's why we offer On The Spot loans. On many loans, we can provide fast and convenient On The Spot Financing, within 24-hours of receiving your application. By phone, fax or office visit, you answer a few quick questions and you get our credit decision in one working day.

Farm Credit Southeast Missouri offers several interest rate programs for Equipment & Livestock Loans, including: